Young Music Masters™ is a multi level music teaching program
designed to Inspire students to learn music, develop skills and build confidence. Students are rewarded certificates of achievement, award medals and trophies upon completion of each level. Designed to teach the 
Young Music Masters™ includes weekly private lessons, music theory and ear training, testing and progress reports, recitals (piano and voice).


Level 1
Designed for our beginner students,
Students are taught basic instrument skills, which include basic notation, counting, simple chords (stringed instruments) and easy songs. The beginner level is intended to cultivate a students ability to focus and learn music while creating positive feelings towards the habits of practice and discipline. Upon completion of this level the student will receive a certificate of musical achievement.

This is where the student really learns to play. Basic Music theory is introduced here. After graduating this level, it will be clear that the student knows a thing or two about music. They will be able to read music at a basic level and have the start of a well rounded repertoire. Upon completion of this level students will receive a certificate of musical achievement.

This student will be able to play a more advanced repertoire and read at a
intermediate level. Music Theory plays a larger role as Improvisation and basic ear training is introduced at this level. Upon completion of this level students will receive an award medal.

This student will be able to read music more efficiently, and improvise at
an intermediate level.  A larger and more difficult repertoire is key to this level. A great deal of discipline goes into completing this level. Upon completion The Prodigy will receive a trophy.

Young Music Master™ 
Designed for our top students. This student will impress most musicians with their skill and knowledge. They will feel
comfortable and confident in most music situations. 
They will read music better than most students, improvise confidently and
beautifully, learn advanced songs and will have an impressive repertoire and knowledge of
their instrument. Upon completion of this level the student will receive a large Music Master trophy.

The entry fees are to help cover the awards for students upon completion of the level.